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      Often, people have behavior issues that are out of the ordinary or difficult to address. My certification in dog behavior and psychology makes deciphering your dogs' issues and correcting them quick and easy. 


      My education, training and understanding of how a dogs' mind perceives and views the human world is by far my biggest training asset. My clients gain an understanding of why their dog is behaving a certain way which is invaluable to the training process. Dogs are able to make behavior decisions once their excitement and/or anxiety is under control. No harsh corrections or training style is needed because we teach the dog to make the correct behavior choices. TRAINING IS FUN AND REWARDING FOR THE DOG.

      By doing private, in-home training sessions your dog will learn in an environment that is familiar, free from stress and distraction and where you and your dog are the sole focus of the session. In as little as 4 sessions most behavior problems are resolved.


                                  ***NO EXPENSIVE LONG TERM CONTRACTS.***


      My program teaches your dog how to relax and focus which ultimatly creates a calmer, more attentive dog.  Teaching in a home environment your dog can learn a new behavior and retain it. He will then be able to respond reliably when distractions are present.  LEASH PULLING AND ON-LEASH AGGRESSION, JUMPING, BARKING, GROWLING, NIPPING, FOOD STEALING, ANXIETY, FEAR, AND EXCESSIVE BARKING are just some of the common behaviors that are addressed during training.




     POTTY TRAINING AND CRATE TRAINING are made simple by following my protocol.In a very short time your puppy will know that "outside" is where he needs to go to relieve himself. If you prefer to wee-wee pad train or transition your dog from pads to outside, we can do that as well because all our sessions are tailored to your needs.


    Common puppy issues including OVER-EXCITABILITY, LACK OF FOCUS/LISTENING, LEASH WALKING, SEPARATION ANXIETY, NIPPING, BARKING, GROWLING & JUMPING are addressed and resolved with no harsh methods.


***By starting early training with your puppy we can prevent the unwanted behaviors from occurring***  Your puppy will learn and understand what it is you want and don't want. Getting ahead of behaviors before they start is the key to my success with owners and their dogs.


***All training sessions include leadership skills and training notes for you and your family. I personally design and implement a roadmap for you to follow. Each session is designed to teach you and your dog another piece of the training "puzzle". As you progress you will see how each piece of the puzzle builds on the last one and completes the the training "picture".Clients that diligently work on and apply the lessons to their daily life see huge training success and meet and exceed their training goals.


.The concepts of being a leader are a very important part of your training. Whether you are raising a puppy or working with an adult dog, you will have a plan of action that you can rely on to address all the issues that previously made you anxious and frustrated. 



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