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    "I have used Ann's services with my 4 dogs on multiple occasions for various issues I needed help with. While my young Dobie puppy is a work in progress. I know with her help I will overcome the challenges I am facing with him. On Ann's first visit to my home she helped me with the skills I needed to use on my other 3 small dogs to stop annoying behavior I had long ago given up on. INCESSANT BARKING She definitely has a gift with animals which I am jealous of LOL! I highly recommend her if you have any issues with your fur kids that you need help with!"


Dawn St John

    "Ann Casper has a way with dogs... and people. Thank goodness I hired her to work with my dog and me. I have a Border Collie with control issues... she wants to be in control. Ann helped me get control back. She has an easy going, yet firm manner. She gives simple, easy to follow instructions. Intention is what she helped me with. So simple, yet, I didn't have it. Once my dog, Maggie, knew my intentions, she completely turned around. Thank you, Ann for helping me to become my dogs' pack leader!" 


Virginia DeGraff-Root

National Board Certified Teacher

    "I am the director of Chesed Rescue in Boca Raton, FL. I have used Calming K9s services to help rehabilitate my foster dogs in order to ready them for adoption. Ann came to my home to work with a difficult foster dog. This pet had little socialization and was aggressive to strangers and dogs outside the home, and destructive in the home.. Ann assessed the dog and set out to help rectify the issues preventing him from finding a permanent home. In a short time she had the dog walking with her on the leash outside. She instructed me how to avoid confrontation with other dogs and people on the street. Once inside the house, she listened to my issues and concerns. Jumping up on the table and counter tops, attacking visitors, chewing destructively, and soiling in the house just to name a few.

    She immediately went to work addressing each issue one at a time. By giving clear direction and showing me how to interact with the dog properly, I was able to see how her dog training philosophy can and does work. At the end of our session, I felt that we had made great progress and was so grateful for Ann's help. I have hope now that one day this dog will be able to live in his forever home. Ann has also donated her time to helping other foster homes train and interact properly with their foster dogs. I have no reservation referring her to other adopters needing some guidance to ensure their adoption works."


Bobbi Miller 

Director/Founder Chesed Foundation, Inc.

    "We called Ann for help with our very active, one year old Mastiff/hound mix, Walter. From the very first meeting there was a sense of professionalism and kindness and with her training under Cesar Milan, we knew she would be perfect for the task ahead.

     Currently we are half-way through our lessons and Walter is already a changed dog. He is no longer ruling the house and has become much calmer and happier. He now has purpose and is very focused on what his role as a dog is. Just being able to have someone knock on the door without mayhem is worth the price of the lessons and that is only one of the many goals that Walter has accomplished so far.
     We had prior puppy and intermediate classes in a pet store but there is no comparison between them and private lessons with Ann.
     Ann's approach is strong, focused and patient. She trains with purpose, kindness while not putting up with unwanted behavior. The knowledge and tips she shares is priceless. She also gives Walter time to think things through so he really "gets it."
     We are looking forward to our next lessons and to continued growth for Walter into becoming the wonderful dog and companion we know he will be thanks to Ann."


Barbara & Scott C.

   " Ann Casper is an amazing trainer! The most important thing to my husband and me was to have a calm Bichon Frise. We loved our last one but she was hyper and yappy. Ann is so good at disciplining in a calm, but firm way. It is almost magical to watch her get the dog to obey her without any raised voice or other intimidation and when you learn her techniques, you really are in control of a calm obedient dog.

     She cares about the dogs she trains and calls with additional ideas that she thinks will help or just to check in on your pet. I couldn’t ask for a more competent, compassionate trainer." 


                                             Judy B


   I just want to thank Ann for doing such a great job teaching and educating me on how to get through to my new rescue dog. She's so in tune with the dogs and was able to convey that to me. She was such a big help to me and my puppy. I can't thank her enough! I highly recommend Ann and her company!

                                         Debbie F.


   " Ms. Casper has been a huge help to my husband and myself in the retraining of our mini dashchund. He was suffering from anxiety from living in several households over his seven years. He has been much calmer, and we are learning how to deal with his anxiety triggers. Ms. Casper is calm, non judgemental and and in general a pleasure to work with. She is highly recommended by us."

                                               Kathy A.

   " My dog was behaving aggressively with a cleaning person at my house. Ann took control and demonstrated the proper way to handle the situation. She explained why the dog was reacting the way he did, and we worked together to resolve the issue. With Ann's patience and expertise, and after only a few short sessions, I am thrilled to say that the problem is solved! I highly recommend Ann and Calming K9s." 

                                               Gayle S.

   " I recently used Calming K9S for some issues I was having with my Shiba Inu, Sienna. She was overly excited and jumped on everyone including my friends and myself. I had a terrible time walking her because she literally pulled me down the street! I knew she needed to be walked but it was such a chore, I rarely did it. Sienna also would steal food, jump on the couch, and got into everything! After meeting Ann, and having her explain how to interact with Sienna so that she would see me as the authority figure in my home, and following her instructions on how to properly walk Sienna, I have seen a huge difference! I am taking Sienna on more walks, she is calming down and she is more respectful of me and my visitors. I highly recommend Ann Casper of Calming K9s. I am so glad I found her and you will be too!"


Robin H.

Ann Casper of  Calming K9s is the Super Nanny of dog training!

I found Ann through the Internet. Ann helped my husband and I train our 8 month old shelter rescue, (Handsome) Sam. Ann gave us the tools and the confidence to school Sam. Ann is always there when you have a question and then sends follow-up notes on the training to refer to in case you need to re-group. Every where we go, we always get compliments on how calm and well behaved Sam is for a young dog.

I always say it was due to Ann Casper, Dog Trainer!

Thanks Ann, you're awesome!


Sincerely, Joanne F.

What I really like about Ann's approach is that she deals with the whole package:  dog, owner, and environment.    She helped me turn around a distrusting, unsocialized rescue dog we recently adopted.  Not only was she able to quickly assess and work with the behavioral issues we were dealing with, she was able to pick up on some subtle physical ailments our boy was enduring.  And she even addressed the issue I was having with unruly, off-leash neighborhood dogs.  I also really appreciated the personalized write-up Ann gave me after each session which addressed what we worked on and how to continue reinforcing good behavior.  When we left Florida to return to the midwest (we're snow birds), Ann found me a trainer in my area who could continue working with us.
Her compassion, patience, insight, and tricks of the trade are second to none.
I highly recommend Ann, and will unhesitatingly call upon her as the need arises.


Vanessa V.

Ann just finished with us after a 6 class session and honestly, it is like night and day with our puppy! We all thought our new doodle was "untrainable" but in comes Ann who has the most wonderful way about her! She truly worked magic on the puppy, and on our older very nervous rescue dog in the house. The dogs instantly connected (as did we) to her! Our puppy is trained, calm and happy! I have used many other methods over the years with different trainers, and even sent dogs to Boot Camp. But by far Ann's approach was the best! I cannot say enough about our experience! I have two other friends who have used her and they have had the same experience. Ann is great! You won't be disappointed! Thanks Ann! We will miss you!


Elizabeth B.

I am a first time dog owner and had no idea what I was doing so I turned to Ann for help.  I am thrilled I did because she really gave me the confidence to do the right thing when it came to training.  Ann came to my home and taught me all the techniques that I needed to keep a peaceful home. Our house was transformed and I tell all my friends about her. In fact, one of my friends hired her and is seeing immediate results as well. After each visit, she sent a follow-up email recapping what we discussed...nice extra touch.  You won't be disappointed, if you hire Ann.  Thank you so much!!


Christine E.

"Ann has helped me to understand how to use my energy while interacting with my dogs. She has opened my eyes to the importance of creating boundaries and balance. Whenever I have a follow up question to our training, Ann is there with continued support. I am very grateful to Ann for all that she has taught me."


Sarah G.



"My very sweet but very stubborn dogs' behavior problems were maxing my frustration level and actually depressing. I tried other trainers without much success. Ann's knowledge, resourcefulness and patience (with both myself and my dog)changed everything. Having my dog is now a happy pleasure."


J. Lomita


"I hired Ann casper of Calming K9S dog training to help me with my sons' dog that was visiting with me for several weeks. I couldn't afford to commit to an expensive training contract which Ann understood. She worked with me on a per lesson basis which I appreciated. Gracie was very difficult to walk due to severe leash pulling and reacting to other dogs that were walking outside. This made walking her a nightmare! Ann came to my home and in as little as 2 sessions she had Gracie walking beautifully on the leash and passing dogs without lunging and barking. Ann works with you and e-mails  personalized training notes after each session. She was always reachable if I had a question or concern and I never felt like I was bothering her. She truly is a remarkable dog trainer that connects with both the dog and the owner in a caring and kind way. I highly recommend Ann for any problems your dog may have."


Robin Z.


"Ann worked wonders with my rescue dog. My dog lashed out at other dogs and wasn't comfortable with all people when I brought her home. She even bit! It was a trust and fear issue that Ann quickly identified and resolved. Today, Gracie is a social butterfly with both people and other animals! Thanks to Ann Casper for making such a difference in our lives. My dog is happy and well adjusted and I couldn't be more thrilled!"


Rebecca M.



"After going through multiple dog trainers, we finally found Ann! She has honestly been extremely helpful in getting my very anxiety-ridden dog back under control. He was terrified of being left alone and would scream for hours! She got him to get over his intense separation anxiety, feel safe in his crate, stop house soiling, and even walk properly on a leash. Ann also continuously follows up on his progress to ensure that everything is going well. During the first session, she immediatly gets to work in helping the dog owners understand what they can do to help their dog and even gives you training notes after each session so that they can be easily followed and reviewed upon. I couldn't recommend a better dog trainer after my experience!"


Anna R.


"Ann was wonderful!! My boyfriend has a four year old rescue who is such a good girl in almost every aspect except when it comes to going on walks. Cleo pulls the leash,barks at other dogs and people, and generally makes the whole going for a walk experience very stressful and unenjoyable. Ann explained to us that Cleo was feeling our apprehension and anxiety during those walks and her behavior was a direct result of that. Ann then took us all on a walk, showed us some very simple techniques, and explained to us  why these techniques work. My boyfriend has ben applying the techniques that Ann showed us and has been so happy because Cleo is a completely different dog. He called me during their morning walk this morning and was so happy and amazed at what a pleasant and enjoyable experience it was. Thank you so much Ann!"


Lisa L.


Ann is a life saver! Our 10 month old puppy suffers from horrible separation anxiety. We tried crate training her, and every tome we put the dog in the crate she would howel, excessively drool, and bite on the crate so we gave up on it and started giving her free reign. We were worried and anxious every time we left the house because we would come home  to chewed up door frames and a manic dog. and then we found Ann... We hired Ann to do overnight crate and behavior training for a week. When we got our puppy back, she was miraculously crate trained! I'm not sure what Ann did, but she worked magic. Not only is our puppy less anxious in the crate now, she is better behaved overall. Moreover, Ann is great on a personal level too. She has made herself extremely available to us, so if we ever have a question she calls or texts me back immediately. And she leaves you extremely detailed notes to refer to after the training session. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone.


Melissa R.



We're so happy that we met Ann Casper at Calming K9s, she did a terrific job helping us train our rescue dog Mitzi. Ann was able to figure out what we needed to do to get Mitzi's behavior under control without clickers and a million treats. Ann's understanding of animal(and people) behavior made training make so much more sense to me and my husband and I. We are very happy with the results to was able to help us achieve with Mitzi in a relatively short period of time.


Gail N.


Ann was great with Toby. It's like he's a different dog. He listens to me more then when he used to be the boss. She has helped in a lot of areas with him. He is much better when he sees dogs and people now . He listens when I tell him to sit and leave his food, unlike before when he wouldn't wait 1 second. I highly recommend Ann to anyone who has a dog the needs training. No matter what it is, she'll be able to help.


Rebekah W.


I enlisted the training services of Ann and was very,very pleased, her methods and caring professionalism were refreshing. She helped me with a dog that had really serious behavior issues, but after our work together this dog has become a new dog that is confident and behaved.


Blair M.


Ann was fantastic! She brought to my attention how much quality of life that wasn't even fulfilled for my poor pup, due to his high anxiety. With a very peaceful and effective approach, Ann had my little Charlie calm and in controlin such little time! It was truly incredible! I recommend Calming K9s to every owner and their dog!


Darice H.


Ann Casper is a wonderful trainer. She trained myself and my boxer puppy with love and patience. Her prices are very reasonable. I have been in the veterinary field for 19 years and she is the best trainer I have found,


April B.


In November, I adopted a 9 year old female Chihuahua as a therapy dog for my 10 year old Westie female. Maggie's housemate who was a male Westie, 16, had developed a serious illness and I knew if we lost him, I would have terrible issues with Maggie as she always had him and was never left alone in the home.  She also would not walk without Harley.  I fostered the Chihuahua (Bridgette) for a week to make sure I would not have any problems, which I didn't and felt I had found the perfect companion for Maggie.  Into the 2nd week, Bridgette began barking agressively at the other neighborhood dogs who we were friendly with.  I enjoy these walks as much as they did and knew I would have to look into training if I wanted to be able to continue.
I found Ann's business card at my Vet's and gave her a call.  She came to my home and I had arranged for some owner's to walk their dogs so we could have a practice session.  Ann quickly surmised that Bridgette was nervous in nature and very well may have stepped into being alpha dog a position my male Westie had.  She explained Bridgette needed space and not to do a close meet and greet with other dogs. Let it be said, I was the one who needed the training and I needed to be pack leader.  She showed me tips on how to accomplish this and I will say it changed my life and Bridgette's in a matter of not time.  I regret not having her when I had the same issues with my male Westie.  Being the pack leader and showing the dogs I am in control yet at the same time giving them security when nearing other dogs, has made all the difference in the world.For once in my life, I feel I have paid for something and seen results in no time.Thank you Ann for the training you gave me, and making our lives so much better!!


Lisa H.


I was referred to Ann by one of my co workers and thank god for that!! With only 5 sessions she had me a believer again, me and my boyfriend were ready to give up until she came along. Our dog has an extreme case of separation anxiety to the point where we couldn't contain her anymore. She would break/chew through all of her metal cages and get out and become very destructive. But of course when your home she is the sweetest most caring cuddly dog. Ann showed her her cage doesn't have to be a bad thing and gave us all the tools we need to continue the training. From now walking her properly and stopping her from jumping on people when they come over, we could not be happier. She still doesn't love her cage and thinks of it as a punishment but Ann reassured us it's not something you can change over night, it's all about consistency, now thanks to her we have hope again and couldn't be more thankful. I highly recommend her she truly takes pride in her work and cares a great deal about your loved ones.

Thanks again Ann

Lauren & Mike :D

Ann Casper is the Boca Raton ‘dog whisperer’. She is the real deal. Look no further for help with your dog! After reading Ann’s online reviews I had very high hopes - and she did not disappoint. We had an eight month old toy goldendoodle who had some issues that – in spite of my diligent reading and best training efforts – we could not resolve. In my first phone call with Ann I felt confident she could help us. She suggested 4 sessions to address our issues including barking, separation anxiety, leash walking and how best to introduce Gidget to our young grandchildren. After the first session we saw immediate and amazing improvement! Ann has great insight and knowledge and a very pleasant way of teaching the pet owners! She provides very helpful summary notes via email which serve as a handy reference. Ann is a real pro!

Kristen E.