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My philosophy is based on teaching your dog how to make conscious behavior decisions. There are no harsh punishments. All training is done in a "teaching" format. This method ensures that your dog understands exactly what they need to learn without the use of fear or the need to physically overpower the dog. There is no yanking or force needed because your dog will be a willing participant in the learning process. Your adult dog or puppy will happily engage while making the right behavior decisions.

     I will begin working with you and your dog at our first session. No time is wasted. It is important to me that you begin to see changes in your dogs' behavior right away. My job is to train the dog and to train you. You will have a good understanding of why and how to practice and apply the lessons learned. The foundation of any good training is for the dog to look to their owner for direction. A dog that listens.

       So many bad behaviors simply stop once this relationship is established with the dog through clear, meaningful teaching. Simple obedience commands cannot fix a dogs' "state of mind" or a dogs' perception of the things that bother him/her. Of course your dog will learn the basic commands but they will also learn self control skills which will greatly help him/her to control out of control behaviors that are causing you and your dog to be unhappy. Pulling on the leash, over excitability, barking and jumping are all behaviors that are a result of poor impulse control and a lack of self control. Once your dog learns this valuable skill he or she will be much calmer and happier.


     Hyperactivity, anxiety, fear and reactivity are common issues that owners struggle with. I will teach your dog that they have alternative behavior choices  I believe that involving you and your dog in the learning process is the only way to achieve the most desired goal of having a dog that listens and is well behaved. 


     Last, but not least, Puppy Training with me will make sure that you will avoid all the unwanted behaviors that can develop as the dog gets older. I will teach you how to set your puppy up for success so that you will avoid potty training issues, crate issues, separation anxiety, excessive barking and over excitability. You will have a well trained, happy dog to enjoy your life with!


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